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Using Flash Stream Hunter, you can download current free which using anti-leeching technology easily.

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How to download current free?

Flash Stream Hunter is a professional current downloader for download current free, and It never lead to fail when you download current free. Whatever you using any browser, It always download current free successfully for you.
Using Flash Stream Hunter, you can download current free with 3 steps: Run Flash Stream Hunter first. Then play current Video, meanwhile FSH will download the Video automtically and save to local hard disk for you. The last, you only need to select the Video and click "Open" to enjoy the Video.

Download current Video step 1: Run Flash Stream Hunter first.

Download  current Video 1

Download current Video step 2: Make Embedded with Imogen Heap, pt. 2: Getting Experimental with... for example. Play current Video. When the Video is playing, you can see Flash Stream Hunter is downloading the current Video.

Download  current Video 2

Result of download current Video: You will see downloaded current Video is completed.

Download  current Video Completed

Play current Video: Select the downloaded current Video then click "Open" menu item.

Play current Video

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Use Flash Stream Hunter To Download current Video

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